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A: FLIPNFIT is the ultimate fitness membership! Have you ever wished you could attend different studio locations without having to pay for a membership at each one? Do you enjoy a variety of different workouts and trying new workouts, but can’t justify paying the price of a drop-in class each time? Now you don’t have to!
Your one monthly FLIPNFIT membership allows you to attend unlimited classes every month at our partner studios (over 50 in Phoenix!). Depending on your membership type you may visit every single location up to 6 times per month and up to 1 class per day (that’s 150 classes!).

A: Choose from Fit, Fitter, Fittest. Each package allows you to attend UNLIMITED classes every month (up to 1 class per day). The difference is how many times you can attend each studio. “Fit” allows you to attend each studio 1 time/month. “Fitter” allows you to attend each studio 3 times/month. “Fittest” allows you to attend each studio 6 times/month. If a studio has multiple locations, you may attend your allotted visits at EACH physical location.

A: Most studios will already have you on their registration list prior to your arrival, however if a studio does not have you on their registration list, simply show them your FLIPNFIT confirmation email as your ticket to class.

Please be aware that if it is your first time at a specific studio, you will likely be asked to fill out their studio liability disclaimer. In this case, please arrive to the studio at least 10 minutes prior to the scheduled class time.

A: You may upgrade your membership on the day your membership is scheduled to renew. You can find this date by viewing your Profile then clicking on Subscription. You may also email us at any time to change your membership tier for the following month. Whatever membership you select will be your membership tier for the next month, so choose wisely! If you know there are a couple studios you'd like to visit weekly, be sure to select our Fittest membership to visit each location up to 6 times/month.

A: You can sign up for most classes through FLIPNFIT up until the start time. After this point the class will no longer be available through FLIPNFIT. Please be respectful of the studio and do not wait until the start time to arrive to a class, especially if it is your first time (many studios will have paperwork you must fill out in advance).

A: You may sign up for the majority of classes up to 7 days in advance. If a class requires special equipment for a class and a studio has limited availability, you may only be able to reserve a spot closer to class time. This may be the case for some (but not all) spin classes, Pilates classes that use the reformer machine, TRX classes, etc…

A: FLIPNFIT has partnered with boutique fitness studios in order to provide their classes to our members. Our partnership allows us to provide these classes at a discounted price while allowing FLIPNFIT customers to try several different workouts and many different convenient locations.

You will find that a monthly FLIPNFIT membership is significantly less expensive than the studios we partner with, and even provide a discount from their package pricing. Because of this valuable discount we have placed a cap on attendance to each studio per month. If you wish to attend a studio more than 6 times per month (Fittest package), you always have the option to purchase packages directly through the studio.

A: Make sure you are logged in, then click Profile. From here you will see a calendar that you can view by the month, week, or day. You may choose from the selections on the left side of your screen to view, such as Your Next Class (the class occurring next) or My Classes (option to view all past and future bookings).

A: Classes may be cancelled without a penalty if you cancel greater than 2 hours prior to the start time. Classes cancelled after their allowable time frame will incur a $10 fee and "no-shows" will incur a $15 fee charged to your credit card on file. Please cancel in advance if at all possible, even if it is less than 2 hours prior to the class start time, versus simply "no-showing" to a class. The studio is expecting you!

A: Great question! If a studio has more than one location (for example, TenPoint5 Tempe and TenPoint5 Chandler), you may attend EACH location the number of times per month that your membership tier allows (Fit: 1/ time/month, Fitter: 3 times/month, Fittest: 6 times/month).

A: We love referrals and recommendations! Email us at to let us know what studios you’d love to see included!

A: Email us at We would love to speak with you about how your Studio/Gym can gain increased exposure partner with FLIPNFIT.

A: Please email us at for assistance, we are happy to help!.

A: Up to one class per day is included in any membership. If you sign up for more than one class in a given day and do not cancel either class, you will be charged $10 for each class in excess of one. Late cancel fees and no-show fees apply to all classes.